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Fun. Sexy. Empowering.


Step into The Parlor, Love!

If you are interested in a portrait experience that will leave you forever changed into a sassier, saucier you with a  bounce in your hips and a sparkle in your wink, then you have come to the masters! 

Do you possess an inner pin-up cutie just squealing to bake a batch of cookies in a polka-dotted doll baby dress and (Oops!)  accidentally get your hem stuck in the oven door revealing the satin garter belt and stockings that you ALWAYS wear when you bake?

Maybe you are needing to reconnect with that dark, sexy vixen within.  Perhaps she would like to roll about on plush fur and growl like it’s her full time job..hmm?

Require a stand up bass, temporary tattoos and an electric blue hair extension to swirl in your suicide roll  for the perfect psycho-billy look?  We’ve got you covered!

We believe that sexy has no age, height or size requirement.  All you need is a little spunk and a belief that you too can be One Hot Tomato!

In short, if you can dream it up, we can make it happen! From Pin-Up to New Boudoir and anything else you can think up, we are your gals!  Parties?  We do that.  Shopping?  We’re there.  Drag show?  Martini Monday?  Burlesque performance?  Cruise in?  Live music?  Hot Tomatoes can be found front and center.  We not only follow the fun, we ATTRACT it!  We CREATE it!  We want YOU to be a part of it!!

So, let’s get started shall we? The place to begin is here

Wink wink growl,

Jesse and Andi